PPO Network

For two decades, FrontPath has provided the broadest unconditional access in our region to local healthcare providers and services. Over the years we have maintained a partnership rather than adversarial approach with our providers. As a result, providers that sign with us stay with us.

FrontPath’s network includes:
  • All Toledo area hospitals, and more than
  • Eighty regional hospitals;
  • Five quaternary hospitals;
  • Eight thousand primary care and specialist physicians; and
  • Seven hundred ancillary service providers.

Here are just a few ways FrontPath’s purchasing programs work for you:
  • Access. The broadest unconditional access to local healthcare providers and services.
  • Control. Maintain total control of your benefit plan.
  • Flexible. Ultimate flexibility in designing and administering your benefit plan.
  • Reduced Costs. You and your participants enjoy the benefits of reduced healthcare costs.
  • Quality. FrontPath has a strong history of working with providers to help enhance patient quality and safety.

The ultimate benefit to you is lower, more stable and predictable long-term costs.

PPO Benefits

At FrontPath Health Coalition, your healthcare plan can work in conjunction with our Preferred Provider network as the starting point to provide you with superior access and choice, the best pricing possible, and flexibility and control in your healthcare plan design.

Here’s how we do it:
  • We are able to make self-insurance even more affordable through risk-sharing contracts with healthcare providers and the purchasing power of more than 125,000 members.
  • As a not-for-profit, we pass through 100 percent of all provider discounts to our members.
  • We have zero-percent profit in all Coalition pricing.
  • We have extremely competitive network discounts.

In addition to open access we offer flexibility and freedom of choice in the design of your healthcare benefit plan. You control the design of the healthcare plan that is appropriate for your business and economic needs.