PBM Program

The goal of our pharmacy benefits management (PBM) program is to provide plan participants access to affordable medications used to treat chronic diseases and acute diagnoses. The FrontPath collective strategy for Rx benefits has a proven track record of delivering aggressive financial performance for our members. By partnering with Employers Health Purchasing Corporation and best-in-class supplier options – CVS Caremark and OptumRx – the FrontPath PBM program provides market-leading pricing and terms, while protecting each plan’s unique features. Going into 2015, the PBM program had:

  • 130 individual plan sponsors headquartered in 30 states
  • Covers more than 700,000 lives in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam
  • Collectively spends a projected $800 million on pharmaceuticals

The realized savings over time is greater than most plans can achieve on their own. Plan sponsors get the most from the PBM relationship, while implementing their own plan design strategies, managing vendors or working through established consultants.

The increased buying power gives plans sponsors access to the following:

  • Deeper discounts, aggressive rebates and robust performance guarantees.
  • Three pricing models that allow plan sponsors to maximize savings based on utilization patterns.
  • Excellent account management and customer service provided by a team of professionals dedicated exclusively to FrontPath PBM participants.
  • Flexibility and autonomy of plan design. Each plan sponsor maintains its own unique plan design.
  • A network of more than 64,000 retail pharmacies nationwide.
  • Innovative programs such as Maintenance Choice™ which allows participants with specific plan design parameters to attain mail service prescriptions and pricing.
  • Seamless implementations with support.
  • User Group meetings that allow you to stay atop industry trends and network with your peers.

Evaluations are free and require no commitment on your part. This year, our new pricing is delivering projected savings from 6% to 20%. If you are going out to bid this year, allow FrontPathto submit a proposal using our leading program!

For more information contact:
Nick Strausbaugh
Coordinator, Health Quality Analytics

419-891-5206 ext. 106