Purchasing Programs

Market driven healthcare begins at home.

Healthcare is a local enterprise where services are provided, utilized and paid for at the community level. At FrontPath, we understand that to improve quality and cost effectiveness, employers and health benefit plan sponsors must establish stronger relationships with healthcare providers in their community. And to improve quality and cost-effectiveness, purchasers must demand provider accountability – the delivery of value-based, outcomes-oriented care.

As a business coalition on health FrontPath supports initiatives that convert “value-based purchasing” from theory to practice. Better, safer, more appropriate healthcare costs less than care delivered inefficiently, in unsafe environments, and at the wrong time.

FrontPath is actively engaged in accelerating the pace of healthcare improvement.

When it comes to value, access and reduced costs, FrontPath Health Coalition is leading the way to better healthcare. We are focused on value-based healthcare purchasing, working with hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare providers to obtain the highest quality care at the most reasonable costs for our members.

FrontPath supports the four pillars of Value-Based Purchasing

Standardized Performance Measurement

Measuring the comparative quality and efficiency of hospitals, physicians and health plans to identify the best value.

Transparency and Public Reporting

To improve the overall health and productivity of the community as well as the hospital delivery system.

Payment Reform

Creating incentives to achieve higher value care through integrated delivery systems and continuous quality improvement initiatives.

Informed Consumer Choice

Purchasing the best value or highest quality healthcare at the most reasonable cost.