Welcome to FrontPath Health Coalition!

For more than two decades, FrontPath has provided our members the opportunity to better manage their healthcare benefit plans, while significantly reducing costs.

We offer a preferred provider network that sets the competitive landscape in the region. But we are much more than that. As a business coalition focused on health, we view the broader picture: improving health and enhancing healthcare for our members and the communities we serve.

FrontPath proactively supports local business and economic interests and serves as a catalyst in healthcare reform. As an active member of the National Business Coalition on Health, FrontPath works nationally to develop and promote healthcare reform initiatives at the local level.

FrontPath is focused on promoting value based purchasing to our members. For example, our PPO network is the only true member-managed, community-based provider network in the region. All providers in FrontPath’s PPO network are directly contracted to provide services at discounted rates to coalition members.

FrontPath has become a leader in the development and implementation of community health initiatives, as well as in offering cost effective employer/ plan sponsor focused health benefit plan solutions. We foster programs that support healthy lifestyles and health improvement initiatives.

FrontPath is the not-for-profit healthcare delivery solution dedicated to serving our members. We are excited about the future as we continue to grow as a business coalition on health striving to find new and innovative ways to improve healthcare in the communities we serve.

Susan Szymanski
President and CEO
FrontPath Health Coalition