More About FrontPath Health Coalition


FrontPath Health Coalition was founded in 1988 by eight Fortune 500 employers to provide a competitive alternative to traditional health insurance plans and HMOs. In fact, FrontPath was the first organization of our type in the Midwest to negotiate risk sharing agreements for inpatient and outpatient care directly with area hospitals.

Two decades later, FrontPath Health Coalition continues to be dedicated to our member employers, public entities, municipalities and unions throughout Northwest Ohio, Southeast Michigan and Northeast Indiana.

FrontPath Health Coalition offers our members open access to a strong PPO network that meets a full range of healthcare needs in the regions where our participants live and work. We recognize that cost and quality go hand in hand, and FrontPath takes a proactive position with health quality improvement initiatives that provides us a leadership role in the communities we serve.


FrontPath Health Coalition is a not-for-profit, member-managed business  coalition dedicated to improving value based purchasing of healthcare services in its markets.

Our purpose

We will achieve our mission by:

  • Supporting member employers, municipalities, public entities and unions throughout the western Lake Erie region as a not-for-profit organization.
  • Delivering value-based purchasing where the value of healthcare services is defined as a combination of the quality of healthcare services divided by the cost of the care.
  • Negotiating directly with healthcare providers to eliminate the middleman costs traditionally associated with healthcare insurance benefits.
  • Working to increase competition in the healthcare market to ensure our communities become more attractive and affordable places to do business.
  • Working at a local, state and national level as a change agent for effective healthcare reform.

(Not-for-Profit) Business Coalition on Health

FrontPath is a not-for-profit member managed organization that is governed by a volunteer board of trustees. As such, we are solely guided by the interests of our members in the communities we serve. As we are not an insurer, our goal is not to profit from offering access to health care services. FrontPath maintains a zero profit-based structure, meaning there is 0% profit in all Coalition pricing.

FrontPath has played an important role in representing the interests of the business community in the healthcare arena. In addition to developing a locally based PPO network, FrontPath has invested in pooling regional healthcare data, promoting public reporting of quality and cost information, and will be supporting future value-based purchasing initiatives.

FrontPath Health Coalition recognizes and embraces our role as a catalyst for local healthcare market reform. We support a focus on transparency and accountability within the healthcare delivery system.